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Eco- Friendly House

The desire to be Eco – friendly has increased dramatically recently , and we can see this in various fields for example cars as well as Eco friendly Houses

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More than 30% of the respondents currently live in an eco – friendly residence and nearly 85% of those we surveyed said they would like to own an eco – friendly home. Eco-friendly residences often use green building materials and and drive eco – friendly cars and use everything Eco – friendly as possible and a lot of who not living Eco-friendly showed their desire to live Eco0friendly.

The green building movement in the U.S. originated from the need and desire for more energy efficient and Environmentally friendly construction practices


The Purpose of  Eco – houses

Green Houses practices aim to reduce the environmental impact of buildings so that leads us to the three main  rules

1. First rule  : the greenest building is the building that doesn’t get built. New construction almost always degrades a building site, so not building is preferable to building.

2. second rule : every building should be small as possible.

3. Third rule : do not contribute to sprawl , no matter how much grass you use in your house or you put it on the roof , no matter how many energy – efficient windows you use . you would destroy your point of the green building if you sprawled.

Steps to Build A friendly House

there some key steps to design and build a green Friendly House  , we can summarize these key steps as the following :

green friendly house

green home

  • Design Efficiency
  • Water efficiency

  • Materials efficiency

  • Operations and maintenance optimization

  • Waste reduction

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