Journey of success

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Journey of success

Many years ago , Iraida Group has been established and  the founders decided to make a revolution in the Real Estate Industry in Egypt , specially in Hurghada .

Iraida Group consist of two major companies Iraida Estate Agency and Iraida Construction .

after few years  , Iraida Estate Agency Has become A leading force in the real estate field while Iraida Construction has become a leading force in construction field.

as many of you may must be aware that Egypt has been going difficult times that affected all businesses all over Egypt , Despite these difficult times  Iraida Group is still here . Iraida Construction received the INTERNATIONAL STAR AWARD for quality in Geneva and received THE PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY AWARD in Berlin as it has been nominated to receive INTERNATIONAL QUALITY SUMMIT in New York .

ISAQ Award in Geneva

ISAQ Award in Geneva
















Platinum Technology Award

Platinum Technology Award


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An Iraida Estate Agency property is more than just bricks and mortar, it is a new home designed to exceed your expectations. From contemporary city centre apartments and townhouses to traditional detached homes or sophisticated mixed use developments, Iraida Estate Agency offers an impressive portfolio of property across Egypt. The Company is renowned for creating innovative, design led, sustainable communities which continue to set ever higher environmental standards.


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