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Sometimes a photo can express all the feelings inside you , sometimes photos can be more stronger than words .. as you can deliver a certain meaning to anyone by just a photo..

here we bring the most tragic photos

P.S the name of the photos are not the real names , the names are created by the author of this article in our website blog

1.Fire Fall

fire fall

Fire Fall

On July 22, 1975 , a photographer working in Boston Herald  heard about fire occurred in Street Mlboro in Boston and went to the fire place and he took this picture of Lady Diana Britten and a little girl falling from the fired building .
A brave fireman tried to save them but he only succeeded to save the little Girl but lady Diana died at the moment of the collision with the ground.

Photographer Won Stanley J. Forman had awarded the Pulitzer for his coverage of the fire incident .






2.Trapped Girl


Image of sad girl the 13 O’Meara Snchez that has been trapped in water and cement for 3 days after the volcano Nevado Dler

Trapped girl

trapped girl

oiz in Colombia on November 14, 1985, which killed the equivalent of 2,500 human beings. O’Meara Died shortly after the rescue of her.
a lot of problems happened to the photographer who was accused of non-humanitarian and the exploitation of the tragedy of the girl that he preferred to shoot photos of instead of trying to save her .
Also the picture caused problems for Colombian government, which has realized the fact that these images signify the failure and incompetence to intervene to save the people in the disaster.








3.Eagle’s Food

Eagle's food

Eagle’s food

photographer Kevin Carter won  the Pulitzer award  for this image reviewing a child suffering from malnutrition creeping towards the camp of the United Nations, which was a shelter for victims of famine  in Sudan.

Picture shows an eagle standing just meters away  from a child waiting for his death to feed on  on his body .

no one knows the fate of the child, but the photographer had committed suicide three months later as a result of depression .







4.Monk on Fire

Monk on fire

Monk on fire

photographer Malcolm Browne took this picture on June 11, 1963, when the Vietnamese monk igniting himself to death in one of busiest and famous streets of Saigon. Incident came as an objection and a try to draw attention to the problem of Buddhist monks who suffered under the regime of Diem Catholic control in South Vietnam . the Strange thing is that the monk did not move from his place during combustion and he didn’t make any sound!









5.Sbaana Bayevadia photo

Sabaana Bayevadia

Sabaana Bayevadia

photographer Max Aquiliry had the chance of a lifetime when he was allowed to photograph one of the most important process of deformity correction Sbaana Bayevadia. this leading process occurred to the fetus Samuel Ssuytsr which his age did not exceed 21 weeks and he was still in the womb of his mother. Aquilira said “During the operation , Samuel brought his arm out of the surgical wound in the mother’s womb.

surgeon was surprised when samuel holded his hand and didn’t let him go till the process ended. and it was very emotional moment to the photographer.









6.Execution OF the Great chi

Execution of grat chi

Execution of great chi

After the capture of Che Guevara and his execution .
killers has invited a group of photographers to capture this picture to prove to all that “Chi great” has died. But the picture added a deeper dimension to the myth of Che that killers did not reckon. because his fans were impressed of his tolerant features and they considered him as asymbol of freedom fighting.








7.First X-ray

first x-ray

first x-ray

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901 . he deserved an award because of his discovery, which is a revolution in the world of medicine .
Roentgen had made a series of experiments and he observed a emergence of fluorescent glare of the barium Blatinokianide.
after Roentgen collected those observations , he did an experiment on his wife’s palm-hand and filmed the first X-ray.

this discovery facilitated to examine the human body from the inside without surgical intervention.








8. Nagasaki’s bomb cloud

 Nacazaki's bomb cloud

Nagasaki’s bomb cloud

The first general picture of the cloud Nacazaki after the bomb was dropped on Aug. 9, 1945, which caused the deaths of 150,000 people and caused a great destruction because of the high heat and radiation . The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on Aug. 6 and it killed approximately 80,000 human  , but Japan did not give up,that made the United States drop a second bomb.

The pilot of the B-29 Charles Sweeney headed towards Kokura Arsenal when the fog prevented his vision so he headed down to Nqazaki and drop the bomb on it instead.







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