How Does the Internet Work?

InterNet is an Internet architecture that has transformed communications and ways of business by enabling different computer networks around the globe to connect. Often referred to as a global network of computers, the Internet came into existence in the United States at the start of the 1970s but didn’t become accessible to the public until the late 1990s. This incredible breakthrough of putting a world-wide network into one’s home is what led to the development of the Internet as we know it today. Connecting millions of people via a regular telephone network is no small feat and this is how the Internet came into being.

The Internet can be defined as a way of electronically exchanging information using networks and servers. An IP address identifies each computer which is connected to the system. It is possible to surf the internet through a computer using an IP address. But in this day and age when most people have access to computers and the Internet, there are several networks which are far more popular than the national science foundation network. One such name is the social networking.

Social networking is a method of creating online relationships with people from all over the world. It involves groups of people who share similar interests or hobbies and also utilize the internet for various other purposes like checking their email, exchanging images, files, and chat rooms etc. Unlike traditional email systems, social networking allows people to get to know each other online. The best example of this system is the internet protocol address (IP), which stands for internet protocol address. An IP address is a number that uniquely identifies every computer that is connected to the worldwide computer network.

The social networking has exploded in popularity. This is because it allows us to interact with people from all over the world. Many teenagers and young adults are now part of these networks. They utilize their personal computers and their IP addresses to create user names and establish friendships with others. In fact, they have become so popular that they are now used as an educational tool. For a brief history of how the internet works, please read on:

The invention of the net as we know it today began with the ARPANET, (Appalachian Long Distance Telephone Network), which is essentially an internet phone network. Later the telephone networks were developed which spanned the globe using nothing more than regular phones and modems. Then IP networking was introduced to the world and soon it became popular because it allowed computers to communicate with one another across national boundaries. Currently, there are many networks that connect different computers either locally or globally. These include, email, instant messaging (Skype), instant messaging (Yahoo! Messenger), text-based chat, audio and video networks (okia dialer), video and music file sharing networks (Vhs, PlayStation etc.)

The basic protocols behind the internet work are, HTTP, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, TCP/IP, SMTP, modems, ICMP, PPPoE, IPsec, and JONES, all of which are protocols that allow internet users to communicate with each other and with servers. When you connect to the internet you are actually entering and exiting ports with your IP address and you are adding or deleting information from your local area network. It would be safe to say that you are currently logged on to the internet. You can log on anywhere in the world and access your email, chat with other internet users, post images and files, download and upload content, and anything else you want to do. There are many ways you can connect to the internet and many ways you can use the internet.