How the Internet Works


How the Internet Works

InterNet is an area of the World Wide Web that relates to information technology. The Internet is a global network which connects computers all around the globe. Through the Internet, individuals are able to communicate with each other and share data from anywhere with an Internet service. While there are many ways to access the Internet, it is through the Net that you will be able to find others with similar interests to yours.

A brief history of how the Internet works begins with the establishment of the ARPANET, or Automated Research and Extranet, network. This network was set up so that researchers around the country could exchange information without needing to physically connect to each other in person. During this time, another form of Internet came into being known as the TCP/IP.

The TCP/IP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the standard protocol that is used to connect servers and web browsers to each other. In order for this to work, two networks must exist; one is called the internet and the other is the local area network. This short history of how the Internet works goes hand-in-hand with the establishment of the worldwide internet, or the World Wide Web.

In order for the Internet to function properly, it is important that data is sent and received by both users on both sides of the connection. This is done through the TCP/IP. The internet protocol translates packets of data into requests that can be understood and processed by computer programs such as the web browser. When the user requests a web page, it may send a TCP/IP packet out of the browser to the remote computer. The request is then translated into the IP address of that computer, and a request is sent back to the user’s computer.

There are a variety of ways to transfer information between two or more computers over the internet. One of the most popular ways is through the use of the internet protocol. The internet protocol translates requests for information from one computer to another through the internet.

The internet works, or rather flows, in a manner similar to how a real life highway works. As you can see, the TCP/IP protocol not only provides connections between internet networks, but also between various computer systems. This basic principle of how the internet works has allowed communication to continue throughout the ages, and it will continue to do so in the future.