What is Internet Access?


What is Internet Access?

The Internet is an international, inter-operable real-space network which links computer systems around the globe. It comprises a number of high-speed data connections which make up the backbone of the Internet. These connections are usually accessible over a broadband connection and can transfer large files, applications, and internet services. This type of internet connection has the advantages of high speed and low cost or no cost for connecting to the Internet.

The major components of the Internet include networks, servers, gateways, IP networking equipment, and computer systems. There are also numerous user agents and software, which help to access the network and interact with internet users. All these components help in creating the global system, which is referred to as the IT network. There are different ways in which people and organizations make use of the internet. Some use the services of the websites and e-mail providers while some conduct various business transactions through their computers at home or at work stations. The internet therefore, offers a very convenient global means of communication and allows a much larger group of people to get access to the information and communicate with each other at the same time.

Many people have a misconception about the IT network. They believe that it is a singular entity with many servers which make up the global system. However, this is not so. The internet is divided into two parts, which are referred to as the Internet backbone and the regional Internet connections. The IT backbone is made up of the main IT services such as email, search engines, content management systems, backup and archiving, telecom etc. whereas the regional Internet connections include the local area networks (LANs) such as DSL networks in various locations in a single geographical area.

Today, many people use the internet to carry on a wide range of activities ranging from shopping, banking, education, business, and entertainment. Thus, it has become necessary for a broad range of services and applications to be delivered across a wider area without compromising on the quality of the service delivery. Broadband internet is designed to cater to this need by providing internet access at higher speeds over a wider area than the local broadband connections. Broadband is therefore becoming increasingly important as it gives users fast access to the internet and provides them greater choice in terms of accessing various online applications and data.

Broadband has become a necessity in today’s computer networking environment as it provides faster internet access and considerably increased bandwidth. Broadband uses the existing phone lines and optical fibers to transmit data over the internet. It is unlike the conventional dial up system which uses telephone lines to provide internet access. With this type of internet access, the user is required to use a router to connect to the internet and then connect to the local phone network. This connection is most often unsecured and prone to connection dropouts.

There are a number of companies offering internet services including Internet telephony, e-commerce websites, email, web mail, and various other protocols to connect to the world wide web using broadband technology. There are several advantages associated with broadband internet access. One such advantage is that it is available to everyone via different service providers. This ensures that no one is left behind as there is always a high level of connectivity to the internet. Another major advantage is that one computer can access the internet through multiple computers provided by different service providers at the same time without slowing down the speed of the entire network.